Helen Palmer

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The ELF Gains Traction

ELF stands for Electric, Light and Fun. And as Living on Earth's Helen Palmer reported in 2013, the ELF is a novel invention: a solar and human-powered, covered tricycle designed to help cultivate a commuting revolution, and combat climate change. It's now two years since it's kickstarter campaign was funded, and the ELF has been gaining traction.

Liter of Light

Countries in the developing world often have limited access to modern conveniences, such as clean water and affordable electricity, and extreme weather events linked to climate change are worsening the issue. Now, the Liter of Light project has fashioned a clever and affordable solution: recycling discarded plastic water bottles into solar light bulbs and illuminating the larger problem of energy poverty throughout the world.

Training Your Brain to Crave Healthy Foods

A new study involving MRI brain scans suggests that the brain can be taught to shift junk food cravings towards healthier foods. Dr. Susan Roberts speaks with Living on Earths Helen Palmer about the findings and what this means for food selection and weight loss.

Recycling E-Waste

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, and a new survey from Best Buy found that only about a third of people in the United State recycle their electronic waste, even though many more would like to. Most of this e-waste ends up in landfills overseas, but stores including Staples and Best Buy are helping to close this gap with free e-waste environmentally responsible recycling programs.

Recycling the Union Jack?

With Scotland set to vote on its independence, Living on Earths resident British producer Helen Palmer asks what might happen to the iconic Union Jack flag if Great Britain were to lose the Scots.

Hult Prize Competition

Over 10,000 business school students from around the world competed in this year's Hult Challenge to help solve the problem of food insecurity among the urban poor. The winning team will get a million dollars to implement its plans.