Heidi Shin

Heidi Shin

Heidi Shin is a public radio + podcast producer based in Boston, who is especially interested in the stories of immigrant communities and the inevitable connections between stories from abroad and our lives here in the US.

Among many adventures, she’s been diving with elderly mermaids on Jeju Island, trailed a group of Catholic nuns that reunites families separated at the US Mexico border, and interviewed a North Korean film director with his leading lady.  

Her work has appeared in National Geographic, The Washington Post, California Sunday Magazine, Snap Judgment, 70 Million, the BBC, and PRX The World.  She also co-created and produced WGBH/The Ground Truth Project's "The New American Songbook," a podcast about immigrant musicians whose awards include an ONA, a Webby, and an Edward R. Murrow Award.  

Heidi also teaches at the PRX Podcast Garage and Harvard University’s Sound Lab and organizes Boston’s Sonic Soiree.

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