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Echoes of Mozart in modern times

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a brilliant man. By the age of 13, he had written concertos, sonatas, symphonies, a German operetta and an Italian opera. He took Europe by storm and even wrote a requiem. Terrance McKnight, host of WNYC's Evening Music, has been broadcasting from the 'Mostly Mozart Festival.'

Arts, Culture & Media

Living together, unmarried

New data shows one in 10 same-sex couples living together is not married. Miami Herald urban life writer and blogger James Barnett thinks he knows why. Guest: James Burnett, Urban Affairs reporter and blogger for the Miami Herald

Global Politics

Congress bickers over oil

Congress is about to call it quits for the summer and it has yet to ease the ever-rising price of gas. Democrats and Republicans are bickering over offshore oil drilling. Guest: Todd Zwillich, reporter and host for Capitol News Connection