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My search for Gaddafi's golden gun

When Libyan rebels celebrated the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the colonel's gold-plated pistol was held up as a symbol of their victory — I watched as they passed it among themselves. Four years on, I've been back to Libya to find the man with the golden gun.

Conflict & Justice

Tourism in Iraq

In the Geo Quiz it's off to Iraq where the tourism industry is poised for growth. The biggest potential is probably in the north of the country in the autonomous region which borders Iran and Turkey. Can you name it?

Conflict & Justice

Securing Kirkuk

50,000 US troops will remain in Iraq to train and advise Iraqi security forces. One focus of attention is the northern city of Kirkuk which some fear could become a future flashpoint. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse has spent time with the US Army in Kirkuk.

Global Politics

Iran's interest in Iraq

Tensions have been growing between Iraq's sectarian groups. And Iran has been accused of stoking those tensions. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports on concerns that Iran is poised to fill the power vacuum when the Americans leave.