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Health & Medicine

Glioma: Senator Kennedy's Cancer

In May of 2008, Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with malignant glioma, a difficult type of brain cancer to treat. With The Takeaway to talk about Kennedy's condition are neurosurgeon Eugene Flam and Yale professor of medicine Sherwin Nuland.

Global Politics

Legacy of Kennedy Family in Ireland

The Kennedy family legacy also extends to Ireland. The Takeaway is joined by Irish politician and former Kennedy intern Mark Durkan. From outside the Kennedy house on Cape Cod, we also hear from Sean Corcoran, senior reporter for WCAI.

Global Politics

Covering Senator Kennedy in the News

The Takeaway talks to Chris Lydon, Open Source radio creator and former NPR host, about his years of reporting on Senator Kennedy. We also hear from Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times, who is awaiting President Obama's address on Kennedy's death.