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A sudden death close at the Masters

The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia came to an extraordinary close yesterday with a victory by Angel Cabrera, the first Argentine in history to win the tournament. Sports blogger Ibrahim Abdul Matin visits The Takeaway.


The Clean Coal Tell-All

In an exclusive interview, Scientific American's energy and environmental editor David Biello sits down with The Takeaway to chat about the technology formally known as "carbon capture and sequestration" ("CCS"), carbon balloons, and carbon geysers.

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What are you doing right now?

Today we are asking, 'What are you doing right now and what's on your mind?' When we asked a similar question last week we got hundreds of responses. But some people said they didn't care. We talk to to our listeners about these opinions.

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Behind the cheer

T-A-K-E-A-W-A-Y, what does that spell? F-U-N! We got some spirit going on here as we delve deep into the world of cheerleaders with our guest, Kate Torgovnick. She is the author of Cheer! Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders.