Fahad Desmukh

Fahad Desmukh

I am a reporter based in Karachi, Pakistan, and have been a regular contributor to The World since 2010.

I particularly enjoy reporting on stories about the intersection of popular culture, politics and technology in Pakistan.

I am fascinated by the free-software movement and kung-fu cinema.

Recent Stories

Arts, Culture & Media

Truck poetry in Pakistan

Driving in Karachi's crazy traffic can be very stressful. But amidst all this mess there is one source of pleasure � the wonderfully decorated public transport vehicles. Fahad Desmukh reports on the poetry that adorns many vehicles in Pakistan.

Conflict & Justice

Gangsters help Pakistan community

Karachi has suffered political, ethnic and criminal violence for two decades. One of the groups accused of being involved is known as the People's Peace Committee. They're also engaged in a wide range of social welfare activities. Fahad Desmukh reports.

Global Politics

Pakistani politician murdered

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Fahad Desmukh in Karachi, Pakistan about the murder of a prominent member of Pakistan's MQM political party. The murder occurred in London, but the ripple effect is being felt in Pakistan's largest city.


Ongoing flood crisis in Pakistan

More than a month has passed since unprecedented monsoon rains started to cause devastating flooding throughout Pakistan. But the crisis isn't over, especially for millions of displaced people. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Fahad Desmukh.

Conflict & Justice

Balochi separatist music

There is another, different guerilla war being waged in Pakistan. Baloch separatists say their community has been excluded and oppressed by Islamabad for over sixty years. The World's Fahad Desmukh reports the battle is being fought by musicians as well.

Global Politics

Pakistanis mostly unconcerned over Wikileaks

Pakistan has strongly denied claims in leaked US records that the ISI, backed the Taliban. Many Pakistanis have come to expect that the ISI are meddling in Afghanistan, so the Wikileaks revelations have not come as a huge surprise. Fahad Desmukh reports.