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Conflict & Justice

Role of the CIA in Yemen

We continue our coverage of the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki, the U.S.-born cleric killed early this morning in northern Yemen. It is still not clear whether the operation was carried out by Yemeni forces or American intelligence.

Conflict & Justice

Pentagon wants overhaul of Afghan jails

A new Pentagon report calls for a major overhaul of the prison system in Afghanistan. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with New York Times correspondent Eric Schmitt about concerns that Afghan jails are churning out a new generation of Taliban militants.

Global Politics

Al-Qaeda in North Africa

Security and counterterrorism officials are concerned that a group affiliated with Al Qaeda is gaining strength in North Africa. The group is called ?Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb?. New York Times reporter Eric Schmitt speaks with Anchor Jeb Sharp.