Daniel Estrin

Daniel Estrin

Daniel is an American journalist in the Middle East. He reports for The World, the Associated Press and other media.

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Arts, Culture & Media

Name Uranus and Neptune in Hebrew!

Israel is honoring the UN's International Year of Astronomy. Two plantes don't have names in Hebrew. Israel's Hebrew Language Academy hopes to change that with a contest. About 2,000 have entered. Reporter Daniel Estrin has been watching the contest.

Lifestyle & Belief

Israel's American weatherman

One of Israel's most popular weathermen retired last month after delivering weather updates on Hebrew-language radio for 39 years. Israelis loved listening to Robert Olinsky for his thick American accent. Daniel Estrin has the story.

Lifestyle & Belief

Bread and Passover

Passover begins tomorrow night and one Israeli Arab is working hard in Jerusalem to buy up all the leavened bread from Jews. Once the celebration is over, he sells it back. We get the story from reporter Daniel Estrin.


Cell phone help for Gaza

People in Gaza are relying on their cell phones during the current conflict. But the network isn't reliable and people are running out of minutes. So the local cell phone company has decided to help. Reporter Daniel Estrin has the story.

Lifestyle & Belief

Letters to God

The postal service in Jerusalem often gets letters addressed to God. Reporter Daniel Estrin visits with the man charged with opening that kind of mail and sneaks a peek at some of the letters.