Corinne Purtill

Corinne Purtill

Corinne Purtill got her start covering snipers, prostitution and planning board meetings for the Gazette newspapers near Washington, DC. After decamping to Phnom Penh to work as a reporter and editor for the Cambodia Daily, she later covered the environment for the Arizona Republic, with a very successful stint at Trader Joe’s in between. Her work has appeared in Salon,, USA Today, and other outlets. Previously GlobalPost’s Senior Correspondent for the United Kingdom, she is now a reporter for Quartz.
Corinne has a BA in English from Stanford University and lives in California with her family. Email her at corinne.purtill at and follow her on Twitter at @corinnepurtill.

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A haunting tale of isolation, loyalty, murder, and survival

In 2004, 34 men, women and children stepped out of a forest in southern Laos. They had never seen cars, telephones or television, and believed that they were refugees from a war engulfing their native Cambodia. They did not know that the war they were fleeing had in fact ended — a full 25 years earlier. Journalist Corinne Purtill traveled to Cambodia to learn about their life on the run.