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I've been fascinated by the outside world since I can remember. Even as a kid, growing up in the UK, I remember being enthralled by pictures on the nightly news from the war in Vietnam. As a teenager I served as a part-time infantry soldier in Britain's Territorial Army. At college I specialized in international relations. I've worked in global news since 1986 when I joined the BBC World Service. I've reported for the BBC from places like Afghanistan and southern Africa. I like working for ‘The World’ because of the satisfaction I get from bringing international news to new audiences. 

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African American Ira Aldridge, a Shakespearean actor in the early 1800s, honored in England

Shakespeare buffs, actors and ordinary citizens in England turned out to honor an extraordinary American actor this week. Ira Aldridge came from New York to England in the 1820s and became one of the best Shakespearean actors of his day. He was black and had to overcome intense hostility. Nevertheless, he persisted.