Christopher Woolf

Christopher Woolf

I've been fascinated by the outside world since I can remember. Even as a kid, growing up in the UK, I remember being enthralled by pictures on the nightly news from the war in Vietnam. As a teenager I served as a part-time infantry soldier in Britain's Territorial Army. At college I specialized in international relations. I've worked in global news since 1986 when I joined the BBC World Service. I've reported for the BBC from places like Afghanistan and southern Africa. I like working for ‘The World’ because of the satisfaction I get from bringing international news to new audiences. 

Recent Stories


Russia puts Kalashnikov on a pedestal

Russia is celebrating the Kalashnikov rifle as "a cultural brand." It has literally put the weapon's inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov, on a pedestal. A statue was unveiled in Moscow on Tuesday, amid much pomp and ceremony.


Terror expert warns of al-Qaeda's comeback

Despite 16 years of effort, al-Qaeda has not gone away. In fact, they might be poised to make a dramatic return. Ali Soufan, a counter-terrorism expert and former FBI agent, looks at the organization's strengths and weaknesses.