Christopher Woolf

Christopher Woolf

I've been fascinated by the outside world since I can remember. Even as a kid, growing up in the UK, I remember being enthralled by pictures on the nightly news from the war in Vietnam. As a teenager I served as a part-time infantry soldier in Britain's Territorial Army. At college I specialized in international relations. I've worked in global news since 1986 when I joined the BBC World Service. I've reported for the BBC from places like Afghanistan and southern Africa. I like working for ‘The World’ because of the satisfaction I get from bringing international news to new audiences. 

Recent Stories


Treason is no joke

In a speech Monday, President Donald Trump mused out loud whether or not Democrats who did not applaud him during his State of the Union Address might have been committing treason. Aides dismissed it as a joke, but treason is no laughing matter.


Remembering the ghosts of the 'Tet Offensive'

It's 50 years since the beginning of the Tet Offensive, one of the most pivotal battles of the Vietnam War. Militarily, the communist offensive was smashed. But many Americans decided the war could not be won. We hear from one Vietnamese civilian who's family was torn apart by the battle.


The risks of war with North Korea in 2018

North Korea has nuclear weapons, and missile systems to deliver them to the continental United States. North Korea says these are defensive. But the Trump administration sees them as a threat, and is reviewing "all options." What are the risks of war in northeast Asia in 2018?