Chhavi Sachdev

Chhavi Sachdev

Chhavi Sachdev is a reporter, producer, and editor who finds herself drawn always to stories of oddities, quirks, and the little man trying to make a big change. And chocolate. 

When she's not working (and sometimes even when she is) you can find her plotting her next journey, baking, or making mix tapes for friends. She's a science nerd, animal slave, wine snob  and action flick junkie. After living on three continents, she now resides in Mumbai, but her travel case is always packed.


Recent Stories


A 'Happy' song in India has a complicated backstory

India now allows people to self-identify as "third gender" on official forms. But Hijras, a quasi-religious order of transgender women, remain a stigmatized group on the whole. A new all-Hijra band is setting out to change that with two highly-produced singles.


Have things improved for women in India's ads? A bit.

The only ads I can’t avoid are the ones I see in the movie theatres. Almost all films screened in India have a forced intermission halfway through so you can load up on snacks — during which ads play nonstop. Once in a while there will be something that’s not hideously insulting.