Cheryl Brumley

Cheryl Brumley


Cheryl Brumley is an independent radio reporter and producer based in London. Her work has appeared on PRI's The World, Life of the Law, and Deutsche Welle English. Cheryl has worked as a researcher in the Global News division at the BBC World Service and for the weekly radio program The Forum.

In addition to her work in radio, Cheryl developed and produced an award-winning podcast series for the London School of Economics (LSE) on issues spanning the social sciences.

She is an intermediate Arabic speaker with a masters degree in International Relations from the LSE. 

Recent Stories


Does France's 'burqa ban' protect — or persecute?

In 2004, France banned the wearing of all conspicuous religious symbols in grade schools. Then, in 2010, France enacted the so-called "burqa ban," making it illegal for Muslim women to wear the traditional face and body covering in public. These rules, based in France’s extreme separation of church and state, have stirred debate over whether France is protecting secularism or stifling religious freedom.