Carol Zall

Carol Zall

Carol Zall was a producer for The World from 2006-2012. As part of The World's daily production team, she produced hundreds of host interviews, on just about every topic imaginable. She's also reported many stories for The World, on topics ranging from genetic genealogy to global fiction, and she continues to enjoy working on cultural and literary stories for the program.

Before working at The World, Zall worked in the Gaelic Department of BBC Scotland, where she was part of the team behind “Eòrpa," an award-winning television program about European current affairs. She also worked on a number of Gaelic radio programs, including a series of radio documentaries which took her all over the Highlands and islands of Scotland.

In addition to her broadcast experience, Zall has worked as a freelance writer and columnist. In 2003, she was named Gaelic Writer of the Year at the Scottish Press Awards for her print journalism – the first time the award was given to a non-native Gaelic speaker.

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What happened to Jewish survivors who stayed in the former East Germany after the Holocaust?


It’s nearly seventy years since World War II ended. In that time, many historians have documented what happened to Germany’s Jews under the Nazis. But less attention has been paid to what happened to Jewish survivors who stayed in Germany after the Holocaust – particularly the Jews who settled in the former East Germany, or the GDR as it was called. Now a new German play addresses some of that history.