Bridget Huber

Bridget Huber

Bridget Huber is a reporter focused mainly on public health, food and the environment. She's written for The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Nation, Mother Jones, the Associated Press and others. Originally from Maine, she's based in Oakland, California.

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Global Politics

'If I was Dominican, they wouldn't have expelled me like some dog'

A few weeks back, there was a lot talk about Haitian immigrants facing the prospect of being kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Even people of Haitian descent born in the DR. Dominican authorities set a June 17 deadline for immigrants — mostly Haitian — to apply for legal status or risk deportation. The mass deportations haven't materialized. And the Haitian and Dominican governments continue to say that the Haitians who have left have mostly 'self-deported' on a voluntary basis. But some Haitians who did leave tell a different story.


Mozambique's life-saving surgeons aren't doctors at all


What do you do when there are only about 20 practicing surgeons for an entire country? Mozambique decided to train non-physicians to do surgery, giving rise to a class of medical workers called tecnicos who do almost all of the country's operations.