Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb is a freelance producer based in South Africa. Formerly she was a producer and reporter for the public radio program Living on Earth since 2006. With a background in environmental studies and geography, her reporting focuses on the often-complicated relationship between human development and environmental conservation. She has reported on critical environmental issues ranging from indigenous land rights to climate change.

Bobby has collaborated on a series of reports focused on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, including an hour-long documentary. That work explored a United Nations mechanism to mitigate climate change by reducing tropical deforestation. She also reported on the construction of a highly controversial dam installation on the Madeira River at the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Recent Stories

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Sustainable City Gardening

It's gardening season again but for urbanites that doesn't have to mean just growing a pot of basil on the porch. "Garden Girl" Patti Moreno tells LOE why she digs city gardening.

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