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Conflict & Justice

US urges Egypt to reform

The US has urged the Egyptian authorities to reform as protesters burned government buildings. The government blames the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood for violence. But novelist Alaa Al Aswany says demonstrations reflect popular anger at the Mubarak regime.

Conflict & Justice

The US-Egypt relationship

President Obama didn't mention the unrest in Egypt during his State of the Union address. Egypt is a key player in the Middle East. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Steven Cook, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

More women in Davos

The World Economic Forum is going on right now. The gathering attracts the world's top business leaders. Usually that means a whole lot of men. This year organizers have imposed a gender quota. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with economist Saadia Zahidi.

Arts, Culture & Media

Music of the Achuar people

The Achuar live in a piece of the Amazon rainforest in South America. Their ancestral territory straddles two countries we'd like you to name. Reporter Andy Isaacson recently traveled to a remote Achuar village to find out more about their way of life.

Global Politics

?Our generation's Sputnik moment'

?This is our generation's Sputnik moment,? President Obama said during last night's State of the Union address. The World's Jeb Sharp tells us what Sputnik was and whether the analogy makes sense for today's challenges.