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South American baseball nation

It's a little early to talk baseball ? at least in the US ? but not in the country we want you to name for the Geo Quiz. We're looking for a South American nation that is a top source of talent for Major League Baseball.

Conflict & Justice

Cairo's Rango

Anchor Marco Werman introduces us to Rango, an ensemble from Cairo that performs ancient Nubian music from Sudan, including a song that deals with the subject of the Egyptian military's loss of sardine rations.

Conflict & Justice

Egypt protests escalate

President Mubarak of Egypt has dismissed his government and said he would introduce social, democratic and economic reforms in response to the unprecedented protests which swept the country on Friday. The World's Matthew Bell is in Cairo.


Britain's soccer sexism case

There's a big debate going on in Britain about sexism in sports. The World's Andrea Crossan reports that the debate started after a couple of famous TV sports commentators got caught saying that women just don't understand the offsides rule in soccer.

Conflict & Justice

Bushmen of the Kalahari

The Geo Quiz takes us to southern Africa this time. Bushmen there are celebrating a court victory. They've been fighting a long legal battle with the government of Botswana over access to water. Can you name the region in Botswana where the Bushmen live?