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Conflict & Justice

Syrian Troops Kill Protesters

Syrian security forces shot dead at least 20 people at mass protests after Friday prayers. Deaths are also being reported at protests in other parts of the country. Reporter Ben Gilbert caught up with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Ben Gilbert reports.

Conflict & Justice

Syria Continues to Crush Protests

As Syrian forces continue their operation to crush protests against the government, the UN secretary general, Ban ki-Moon has called on President Assad to heed calls for reform before it is too late. Ben Gilbert has been speaking with residents of Homs.

Conflict & Justice

Fleeing Syria's crackdown

Syria's crackdown against anti-government protesters continues. Ben Gilbert reports on residents of one Syrian village who fled across the border into Lebanon after the Syrian military cracked down on protesters in their home town.

Global Politics

Escaping Syria

Reporter Ben Gilbert has the story of a Syrian activist who fled to Lebanon after repeated interrogations by the secret police in Syria.

Global Politics

Gaddafi's captured Benghazi garrison

Muammar Gaddafi's massive military base in Benghazi, called the Katiba, or garrison, was once feared and loathed. Now, its burned-out rooms and graffitied walls are a tourist attraction. Ben Gilbert reports from Benghazi.