Ashley Byrne

Ashley Byrne is a journalist and producer based in the UK.

He owns the production company Made in Manchester which he set up with Olympic swimmer James Hickman in 2005. 

Made in Manchester produces radio and TV programs across all genres for the BBC and other broadcasters around the world.

Ashley began his career in newspapers and went on to be a head of news and programming at various radio stations in Britain. He's a seasoned newscaster and presenter and has anchored many news and current affairs shows on radio and TV.

He won a Program of the Year award in the UK for Gay Life After Saddam - his investigation for the BBC  into the treatment of gay and bisexual people in Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu is among the notable figures he's interviewed. Ashley is also a drama producer - his work including biopics about poet Ted Hughes, Hollywood actor Rock Hudson, Oscar Wilde and Enigma code breaker Alan Turing.

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