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Ashley Ahearn

Ashley Ahearn is the host of terrestrial, a national podcast on the environment, produced out of KUOW in Seattle.

Ashley brings more than a decade of experience covering the environment at the local and national level. Her stories have appeared on Marketplace, Morning Edition, Here and Now, The World and other NPR and PRI shows.  She holds a masters in science journalism from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California.

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Recent Stories

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A growing body of research points the finger at Bisphenol A, an endocrine-disrupting chemical compound, but will policymakers heed the science?

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Every day around 85,000 commercial airplanes take to the skies, emitting global warming gases such such as NOX, CO2, and water vapor into the atmosphere. Scientists estimate that when planes fly at altitudes of 27,000 feet and up, their emissions have a t

Manure Magic

Harvesting methane gas from livestock farms smells good to the renewable energy market.