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Ashley Ahearn

Ashley Ahearn is the host of terrestrial, a national podcast on the environment, produced out of KUOW in Seattle.

Ashley brings more than a decade of experience covering the environment at the local and national level. Her stories have appeared on Marketplace, Morning Edition, Here and Now, The World and other NPR and PRI shows.  She holds a masters in science journalism from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California.

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Recent Stories


Obama's Pledge

President-elect Barack Obama says when he takes office the United States will take strong action to combat climate change. Living on Earth's Ashley Ahearn reports that leaders and legislators have praised Obama for this promise.

War of the Sciences

The Food and Drug Administration says there's not enough evidence to merit regulating bisphenol A- but members of the scientific community disagree.

Word from the West

Western governors of the United States say they'll negotiate with China and India about limiting climate changing gases since the White House won't.


Manure magic

Dealing with large amounts of manure on industrial livestock farms has never been easy, environmentally sustainable, or profitable, but that's starting to change. Living on Earth reports on a growing industry that capitalizes on the power poop.

Lead and Violent Crime

New research shows that even at low levels, lead exposure in early development affects areas of the brain responsible for rational thought, and could play a part in violent criminal behavior. In a prospective study conducted over the past three decades,

The Joshua Tree At Risk

Air pollution from the L.A. basin is getting into the soil in Joshua Tree National Park, changing the ecosystem from the ground up - with some fiery results.

Carbon Cowboys

A new program from the Chicago Climate Exchange is enlisting ranchers in the fight against global warming, and making them money as well.