Antoine Guinard

Antoine Guinard

Antoine Guinard has been working as a freelance journalist in India for the last seven years, reporting mainly for Radio France International as well as several print publications, and occasionally television. Based in New Delhi, he covers the whole of South Asia as a radio correspondent. You may also find him plays the bass guitar at venues and festivals across India in his spare time.

Recent Stories


How a non-profit in India is fighting corruption with fake money

Inspired by the nonviolent activism of iconic social reformist Mahatma Gandhi, the activists from a group called 5th Pillar are addressing the problem of corrupt officials, one bribe at a time. The key? An innovative tool called the Zero Rupee note. This blatantly false, oversized purple bill, complete with Gandhi's portrait, is handed to any officials who ask for a bribe in order to shame them into changing their behavior.