Anne Bailey

Anne Bailey

Digital producer for Across Women's Lives

Anne is a photojournalist and filmmaker in charge of visual storytelling for Across Women's Lives. She commissions, edits and produces video, images, graphics and data for PRI's special coverage of gender equity and the role of women in society. 

Formerly, Anne taught multimedia storytelling at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and has taught at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the University of Montana School of Journalism and the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute. She has also trained citizen journalists from the Democractic Republic of Congo, Tunisia and Libya.

Anne focuses her own documentary work on international and domestic human rights issues. Her stories have appeared on PRI's The World, GlobalPost, Reuters, News Photographer and PBS MediaShift among others. 

Recent Stories


The darker side of Thailand's sex industry: trafficking underage girls

In Thailand's underage sex industry, the word "trafficking" as we know it in the West, doesn't get used much. The phrase "buying and selling" is more common. But however you describe it, the practice of taking underage girls from their homes in the north and forcing them into the sex industry in Chiang Mai (and beyond) hasn't gone away.