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In Italy's markets, this popular yogurt made by migrants tastes great, and has a side of resilience and hope

For years, Suleman Diara picked mandarins in southern Italy for $0.05 a case. But one day, Diara, a refugee from Mali, received documents granting him asylum in his new country. So he bought a few buckets of milk that changed his life. Meet the founder of Barikama, the first African yogurt cooperative in Italy, popular with the farmer's market scene in Rome.


Meet the Italian 'Colonel Mary Jane'

The Italian army may be the first military in the world to be assigned the task of growing medical marijuana. They're attacking the job with all the gusto and precision of a military operation.


Name the Italian island known for its prisoner-produced wine

Just off the Tuscan coast is a tiny island that houses some of the country's most serious criminals. But what sets these prisoners apart is that they're also vintners, producing some of the country's best — and most expensive — white wine.