Andrea Crossan

Andrea Crossan

Executive Producer

Andrea Crossan is the Executive Producer of The World. She's formerly the Series Director of the Across Women's Lives project. She's also the Series Creator and Director of the 50 States project. Andrea moved to Boston after working as a BBC producer in London. Before joining the BBC, she worked for a number of news organizations, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Associated Press and NBC News.

Andrea has reported from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Canada, Nicaragua and Kenya. She has a Master's degree in International Journalism from City University London.

She collects stamps in her passport and can pack for a three-week trip using just a carry-on bag.


Recent Stories

Global Politics

Saving Kenya's lions

The population of lions in the East African nation of Kenya is on the decline. Conservationists there have put forth a radical proposal. To save the lions, they say, the lions should be hunted. The World's Andrea Crossan explains.

Conflict & Justice

Global Hit

The World's Andrea Crossan profiles a community radio station that broadcasts to the youth of Kibera ? the biggest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Swine Flu Hits Africa

The World's Andrea Crossan reports from Nairobi on worries over the swine flu hitting Africa. Just under 10 cases have been confirmed in sub-Sarahan Africa. But health experts are concerned about the disease spreading in the continent's crowded slums.

Global Politics

Canada's elections

In the U.S., the election season seems to last forever. But in Canada it's a more like blink-and-you-missed-it. The World's Andrea Crossan reports.