Anders Kelto

Africa Correspondent

Anders Kelto was PRI's The World’s Africa correspondent, formerly based in Cape Town, South Africa. His primary focus is on health and development, and he also covers breaking news, politics, and culture. He has reported on everything from medical circumcision in rural South Africa, to media reforms in Zimbabwe, to discrimination against HIV-positive pregnant women in Kenya, to the disappearance of traditional names in Ethiopia.

Recent Stories

Health & Medicine

Part I: Rethinking the Model Family

In Ethiopia, having eight children is not uncommon. To reduce birth rates, the government has enlisted the help of health workers and religious leaders. Their goal: change attitudes about what constitutes an "ideal" family.

Development & Education

Mrs. Lovett’s Colorful Math Classroom

Wendy Lovett, a popular teacher at the South African math and science school COSAT, returned to her native United Kingdom recently. But she's leaving behind more than memories. She's leaving behind a bright, colorful classroom that students say helps them to achieve success.