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Global Politics

Afghan Presidential Election Underway

As voting gets underway in Afghanistan's presidential election, The Takeaway talks to Martin Patience, an Afghan correspondent for the BBC. The threat of violence is being taken seriously; 300,000 troops are protecting an estimated 17 million voters.


Favre: The Mighty Vike

The Minnesota Vikings' new quarterback is an old enemy: former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre. Joining The Takeaway to talk about Favre's latest career move is sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin and two Favre fans: Rick Stratton and Mike Rice.

Arts, Culture & Media

Powerful Women Roundtable

In honor of Forbes' list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women, The Takeaway put together a roundtable to discuss what it means to be a powerful woman and who should be topping the list. Our guests: Anna Deavere Smith, Faye Wattleton, and Carol Jenkins.

Arts, Culture & Media

You Say Tomato; We Say Plum...

This year a late blight is devastating tomato crops across the Northeast. For a look at what's behind this blight and what to substitute for tomatoes, The Takeaway is joined by chef Dan Barber and New York Times food writer Melissa Clark.