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Global Politics

Public Option vs. Republican Options

In light of the contentious debate on health care reform, The Takeaway is hosting a Republican strategy session with Fred Barnes, the executive editor of the Weekly Standard, and Reihan Salam, a fellow at the New America Foundation.

Global Politics

Assessing the Afghanistan Election

The Takeaway is looking at how Afghanistan's election results are playing out in the region and beyond. We are joined by special advisor Sarah Chayes, Afghan-American journalist Fariba Nawa, and GlobalPost editor Charlie Sennott.

Global Politics

Swiss Banks: Not So Secret Anymore

The Swiss bank UBS has agreed to release to the I.R.S. the names of 4,500 account holders suspected of hiding billions of taxable U.S. dollars. The Takeaway speaks with Louise Story, finance reporter for the New York Times.

Global Politics

Afghan Presidential Election Underway

As voting gets underway in Afghanistan's presidential election, The Takeaway talks to Martin Patience, an Afghan correspondent for the BBC. The threat of violence is being taken seriously; 300,000 troops are protecting an estimated 17 million voters.