Amy Costello

Amy Costello

Amy Costello is a former Africa correspondent for PRI’s The World. She now hosts Tiny Spark, a podcast that investigates the business of doing good. Tiny Spark takes a critical look at seemingly good ideas and asks tough questions of well-intentioned people and programs, whether medical volunteers in post-quake Haiti or the social entrepreneur behind TOMS Shoes. Amy has worked as an NPR producer and adjunct professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, her alma mater. Her FRONTLINE/World television investigation “Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible” was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Recent Stories

Health & Medicine

Bed Nets for Malaria: Losing the Arms Race?

Governments and charitable organizations have distributed millions of insecticide-treated bed nets across Africa, to repel and kill mosquitoes that spread malaria. But mosquitoes are growing resistant to the insecticide. Health experts say a resurgence of the deadly disease may be coming -- one that could have been avoided.

Global Politics

Problem with the PlayPump

A water pump built into a children's merry-go-round. The idea was simple: It was meant to provide clean water for thousands of African villages. Philanthropists loved it. Until it fell apart. Amy Costello's gives us an update on today's show.