Amy Bracken

Amy Bracken

Amy Bracken is a Boston-based independent reporter and radio producer. She mostly covers migration and all things Haitian but has also reported on religion and human rights, and she likes exploring the history behind current events. She is a graduate of Columbia School of Journalism and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Recent Stories


Here are the real lessons from flawed responses to Haiti's disasters

The earthquake that rocked Haiti seven years ago, today, and Hurricane Matthew, in October, are two completely different disasters — one urban, the other, rural; one arriving without warning, the other, visible in the distance — but both amounted to enormous humanitarian crises and offer great lessons for relief efforts.


This interpreter is helping get justice for Indigenous women raped and tortured in Guatemala’s civil war

​December 2016 marks two decades since the signing of the Guatemalan peace accords. It officially ended a 36-year domestic armed conflict in which an estimated 200,000 people were killed and many more tortured and raped. Bringing war crimes perpetrators to justice has been slow, with convictions appealed and cases stalled. But many see victory in the trials themselves, and in their growing involvement of women.


Did religion save this Guatemalan town?

Guatemala is reported to be the most evangelical country in the Americas. And, according to the Pew Research Center, it has the highest rate of believers that faith reaps success. Almolonga, a small mountain town, is held up as proof.


Did war change Guatemala's faith?

You can trace evangelicalism in Guatemala to American missionaries who went to help out after an earthquake in 1976. But that doesn't explain its explosion in the decades since. The civil war might though.