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Few Haitians seeking protective status

Two thirds of Temporary Protected Status applications processed so far in US have been from Florida. The problem is that the numbers are far lower than everyone thought they would be. From ?Under the Sun? and WLRN in Miami, Alicia Zuckerman reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Miami Poem Depot

In Miami, poets create on-demand verses for passers-by on manual typewriters. The project is called the "Poem Depot," and it's the brainchild of the Miami Poetry Collective. Produced by Alicia Zuckerman.

Arts, Culture & Media

Guerra de la Paz

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are a pair of artists who live and work together in Miami. Their vibrant, room-sized installations look like hallucinations of landscapes -? and they are all built from discarded clothing. The duo keeps their garment source a secret, but they let Alicia Zuckerman tag along as they gather material for a new piece.