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Geo answer

For today's Geoquiz we're looking for a walled city in Italy, deemed a World Heritage Site for its Renaissance culture. The World's Alex Collins tells us how scientists have helped art historians discover more of the story behind works of art.

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Glastonbury Festival 2010

The Glastonbury Festival occupies a special place in the British imagination. 180,000 people descend on a field to re-engage with their hippy side for a weekend. The World's Alex Collins tells us more on today's show.


Londoners doing naked yoga

The latest style of yoga to hit London is different not for its moves, but for its dress code ? leave it ALL in your locker. The World's Alex Collins tries out naked yoga.

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London's curious Olympic monument

The World's Alex Collins reports on the controversial design for a new Olympic monument in London. The monument is meant to attract tourists to East London well after the 2012 Summer Olympics. But many Londoners think it's just plain ugly.

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When silence is golden

Drivers of London's black cabs are famous for their skills as talkers, a trait that delights some passengers but annoys others. New recruits to the job could be given training in another skill: knowing when to zip it. The World's Alex Collins has more.