Akiko Fujita

Akiko Fujita is a multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles, and a regular contributor to The World.

Prior to her move back to the West Coast, Fujita spent more than 4 years in Tokyo, working as a correspondent for ABC News. Her work has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Al Jazeera America, and CNN.

Recent Stories


Japan's Gasoline Rationing Experience

Gasoline is being rationed in parts of New Jersey and New York as the area copes with the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy and this week's Nor'easter. Japan had to resort to similar measures in the aftermath of last year's earthquake and tsunami.

Global Politics

Another prime minister for Japan?

Akiko Fujita profiles Ichiro Ozawa who could become the third prime minister of Japan in the space of one year. Ozawa is a veteran powerbroker in Japan's Democratic Party. He's looking to unseat the current party leader, Japan's ruling prime minister.

Global Politics

Japan's centenarian mystery

Japan officially has the world's largest number of people over the age of 100. But a recent series of grisly discoveries has put that exact number in doubt. Correspondent Akiko Fujita reports from Tokyo on what's happening to Japan's centenarians.

Conflict & Justice

Japanese craft ritual for divorce

Two out of six Japanese marriages end in divorce. Now, one Japanese man has come up with an elaborate ceremony to help divorcing couples mark that ending. Akiko Fujita took part in a divorce ceremony and sent this report from Tokyo.

Global Politics

Japanese Prime Minister resigns

Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned today, just eight months after taking office. A controversial US military base on Okinawa had a lot to do with his stepping down. Akiko Fujita reports from Tokyo.