Going in the shower to save water

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LISA MULLINS: Now let those waves you just heard be a reminder that seawater covers nearly three quarters of the planet. Fresh water is a much more precious commodity. So a Brazilian environmental group has come up with a novel idea for conserving clean water. The group SOS Mata Atlantica says that a typical Brazilian household can save more than 1000 gallons of water a year by cutting back on one toilet flush a day. Now the group is not saying you should hold it in. It's just urging people to relieve themselves in the shower.


Now they're not kidding around. This TV ad shows silhouettes of the Statue of Liberty, Gandhi, all sorts of cartoon characters going in the shower. Their message is that urinating in the shower is harmless and saves fresh water. A doctor we contacted says it does not raise any health issues for the most part.


So what are you doing to conserve water? Low-flow toilets, fewer car washes, maybe showering with a friend. Tell us. Visit The World dot org and leave your comment.