Organic and nutritious

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Anchor Katy Clark has details on a new report that says organic food has no nutritional benefits over regular food.

KATY CLARK: And we have this note about organic food. Some British researchers say it's no better for you than conventional food, at least if you consider only the vitamin and mineral content. Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted what they call the most extensive review of the issue to date. Their study was commissioned by the British government. The scientists reviewed more than 50 studies over the past half-century. And they concluded that nutrient levels in meat, produce, and milk are pretty much the same whether the food is grown with artificial pesticides and fertilizers, or without. Proponents of organic agriculture call the findings flawed. They point out that the research did not look at the health effects of pesticide residues found on conventionally grown foods, nor did it consider the environmental impacts of conventional farming.