Reaction to Taylor trial

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People in Charles Taylor's home country Liberia and in neighboring Sierra Leone are watching his trial closely. Anchor Jeb Sharp has details.

JEB SHARP: Charles Taylor's testimony is being watched closely in his home country of Liberia. A group of people in the capital, Monrovia, gathered to watch the trial on TV. Many expressed concern that their former President might not get a fair hearing in the Hague.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel a trial is not transparent because I saw Mr. Taylor was denied to see his own lawyer before he could stand to speak up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As a Liberian, I don't like to see Taylor going through what he is going through personally. If I had my own way, I would like those who are judging him, set him free.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 2: Guilty or not guilty, but the brother has a right to say he's not guilty, so that will prove it beyond all reasonable doubt.

JEB SHARP: In neighboring Sierra Leone, residents of the capital Freetown were also watching the trial. Some blame Charles Taylor for the atrocities in their country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 3: I suffered a lot during the war. My village was burned and my property was destroyed, and today I'm suffering here in Freetown. So if Charles Taylor is found guilty, so let him go to jail. So I'm happy that Charles Taylor is in courts now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 4: Charles Taylor's trial is very, very important to me as a Sierra Leoneon because they killed my parents, destroyed my village, and so many properties will be destroyed. So if Taylor is found guilty of supporting the RUF, let him go to jail.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE 2: Finally the day of reckoning is here. Let Charles Taylor face the full force of the law.