A dancing President?

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A newspaper in Ghana wonders whether President Obama will show off any dance moves he visits the country later this week. Anchor Lisa Mullins has details.

LISA MULLINS: Ghana's state-owned newspaper, the Daily Graphic, has its own take on President Obama's visit to the country this weekend. It asks whether the President will show off his dancing. The Graphic points out that there will be music almost everywhere he goes in Ghana, and that dancing is a big part of music-making in Africa generally. The article points to what it considers a number of key presidential dance indicators. One, President Obama is, quote, "really hip". Two, he danced late into the night of his inauguration. And three, the President recently paid tribute to Michael Jackson. The Daily Graphic concludes its piece with a striking bit of speculation. Quote: "Will he do a quick moonwalk in remembrance of the King of Pop on African soil to symbolize where all the African-American flair for dance comes from? Let's keep close watch over the American president's feet." the paper concludes.