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GERRY HADDEN: I'm Gerry Hadden, in Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero couldn't hide his joy while listening to Obama's inaugural address. ?We must support Obama,? he said afterward, ?so that he achieves the things we all want. I predict good relations, or at least better ones.? Zapatero, don't forget, rebuked the Bush administration in 2004 by withdrawing Spanish troops in Iraq. But other voices are calling for caution. Spanish TV commentator Florentino Portero said he was concerned by words Barack Obama did not use in yesterday's address. ?Regarding foreign policy, yesterday Obama said many things that had little to do with the concept of multilateralism. In fact, he never used that word.? Portero went on to say, ?Obama didn't speak of the United Nations. He said the US would once again become powerful. When speaking of his friends in other nations, what Obama said was that the US was ready again to lead.? But does Europe want the US to lead? And on what issues? Even as Obama was being sworn in, Spain's foreign minister suggested Europe had already assumed the helm on important world issues. ?For example?, said Miguel Angel Moratinos, ?it was Europe and not the US that convinced Israel to accept the ceasefire in its assault on Gaza. ?For the first time ever, who is in the Israeli Prime Minister's residence with the country's top leadership?? asked Moratinos. His answer: Six European Prime Ministers, the French President, and seated in the corner, the US ambassador. This was perhaps a bit of bluster. After all, Spain cooperates closely with the US on many issues including the so-called ?war on terror.? Spain is one of the few countries that has agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan, as Obama has asked. Germany by contrast is not likely to deepen its military commitment there. Like France, Germany has made it clear that domestic opposition to that war will outweigh Obama's overtures. The Afghanistan deadlock is just one issue that likely inspired one Spanish newspaper cartoonist to draw Obama thusly this morning: dressed as Superman, leaping off a building, and flapping his arms desperately like a chicken. For The World, I'm Gerry Hadden, in Barcelona.