Inauguration poem

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ISTVAN LASZLO GEHER: My name is Istvan Laszlo Geher, and I'm a teacher at a university and also a poet here in Hungary.

LISA MULLINS: And we've asked Istvan Laszlo Geher to give us his perspective on Barack Obama's inauguration.

ISTVAN LASZLO GEHER: I wrote this poem some five years ago as a haiku. I think this can be read as something that a president can really take into account. It's about a mirror. If you lean over a glass you have to sort of look into your own thirst so to speak, because you want to drink it. So whenever someone is really responsible for a whole fate of the world he has to project his or her own thirsts to the thirsts of others. It is read like this:
Over any glass, you lean in your own mirror, towards the thirst of others.

MULLINS: We'll hear inaugural thoughts from another international poet tomorrow on The World.