These Mexican sisters give Metallica a run for their money

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Marco Werman: We’re going to meet now the three sisters in a trio from Monterrey, Mexico. They’re called The Warning and they’re pretty badass. Here’s what they sound like.


[Excerpt from a song]


Werman: This is the trio, The Warning. Three sisters from Monterrey in northern Mexico, and their version of the hit by Metallica has had over 8 million views on Youtube. It’s also allowed the girls to continue their music education. So, let me welcome Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra Villarreal. They are The Warning and they join me now. You have to be some serious heavy metal fans, given what you guys do.


Dani Villarreal: Yeah of course, we love metal because our parents love that kind of music. We were listening to child music--I mean, we were listening to Barney--and then we’d come home and see--


Paulina Villarreal: Pink Floyd concerts. We would be like, “What..?” Our parents really gave us this love for music and they put us in piano lessons when Dani was six, I, Paulina, was four, and when Alejandra wasn’t even born yet. But later on we had the opportunity to choose another instrument. Dani chose the guitar, I chose the drums, and Alejandra chose the bass.


Dani: Yeah, and we went to play rock and metal music.


Paulina: Like, from the very start. We really like it.


Werman: So you’ve parleyed that Youtube success to actually continue with your music education. Tell me about the GoFundMe campaign, and you’ve raised over $18,000 there?


Dani: Yeah, we are very grateful for everyone that donated because it was for us to go to Berkeley, and also we’re so grateful for Ellen because she really helped a lot.


Werman: Right, so Berklee College of Music and Ellen DeGeneres helped you out big time with that, right?


Dani: Yeah, she was very supportive and very kind.


[Excerpt from video]


Werman: Well, Ellen gave you $30,000. I’m afraid we can’t do that. We’ll buy you a coffee, though. So, tell us what you’re going to be doing at the Berklee College of Music here in Boston this summer.


Dani: Well, we’re going to be attending the 5-week summer program, and we are very, very excited. We can’t wait to get there.


Paulina: We’re counting the days.


Alejandra Villarreal: Yeah, we’re like, “I want to go to Boston, I want to go to Boston”¦”


Dani: We’re going to have performing classes, singing classes, writing classes.


Paulina:  Yeah, like songwriting classes. And, of course, guitar lessons, bass lessons, and drum lessons, obviously.


Werman: Let me ask you this: If you were going to share with other girls the lessons you’ve learned so far about the world of professional music, and I know the lessons have not been that long, what would you tell them?


Dani: First, for them to be strong and never give up. It’s difficult and you just”¦


Paulina: You have to make some sacrifices. It’s not like, “Oh yeah, everything is so easy. Yay!” No, you really have to work hard. But in the end, it’s always worth it. When you’re doing something you love, it’s always worth it.


Werman: Well, that’s great advice. Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra Villarreal, can you tell us what your favorite cover is? Something to take us out of this interview?


Paulina: I really love playing “Crazy Train.” It is so fun!


Alejandra: Me too! I was going to say that!


Paulina: You have so much fun when you’re playing it, you’re so hyped. It’s so awesome!


Werman: You play it so well. It is really a great cover.


Paulina: Thank you!


Alejandra: Thank you!


Werman: They are The Warning from Monterrey, Mexico. Great to meet you and all the best of luck with the future. I know it’s going to be bright.


Dani: Thank you so much!


[Excerpt from “Crazy Train”]