Argentina 'dirty war' suspects released

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IG: I was shocked by yesterday's ruling. The officers who have been ordered released were two of the most notorious torturers during the Dirty War and I think their release sends a bad message. (Why were they notorious?) They were part of a death squad that operated out of the Navy and they were sent out to capture and kill suspected subversives. The Navy played a key role in the Dirty War and these were two main figures in the Navy. (How did you get involved in all of this?) I was reporting from Geneva as a journalist for the Guardian and I saw the relatives of the disappeared come to Geneva to get help and I found it shocking so I pursued the stories. (how familiar are you with the law that is demanding the release?) Not that familiar but of course they are following due process, you can't keep people without trial. The problem is there are many people who are awaiting trial for their suspected roles in the Dirty War and these two officials are so symbolic of the Dirty War that this sends a strong message. There have been huge strides made in the past few years in holding people to account. (Why have they not gone on trial yet?) It's a long legal process but they have had a difficult time getting this whole issue of the disappearances into the limelight and challenging the environment and immunity. Hopefully this will be a wake up call and we'll see the legal process back on track soon.