Old Grumble

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April 03, 2015

No one in my family knows when "Old Grumble" came into the family.  Over 4 generations know this song, now.  We know it is a dark song, odd, and not really suitable as a lullabye.  The very youngest children sometimes request that we NOT sing this one at nighttime.  Old Grumble is a ghost, after all, who rises up and knocks an old lady down. The last verse about "if you want any more, you can sing it your self" seems to be the perfect tired parent's response to an endless round of song requests.  When I was a child, I liked my mom's wry delivery of this line at the end, and I knew when she sang "Old Grumble," she was telling me that was it for the night, to go to bed.


Country: United States of America