An Ecuadorian stray dog named Arthur finds his forever home in Sweden

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Marco Werman: I’m Marco Werman and you’ve got to love a friday on The World, when we get to share some good news with you to ease you into the weekend. We actually have an update to another good news story from last November. The one about a stray dog from Ecuador named Arthur. He was just another scruffy, little yellow dog scavenging for food and then a team of Swedish athletes doing an adventure race in the Ecuadorian jungle gave Arthur a meatball. Arthur never left them again. He followed the team through deep mud, in kayaks through rivers and all the way across the finish line. But then the real battle began for the Swedes to bring Arthur back home with them. Arthur arrived in Sweden in November and was held in quarantine for four months. Today, Arthur went home to live with team member Mikael Lindnord. How is arthur doing?


Mikael Lindnord: Yeah, actually we’re not really home left because he left the quarantine this morning and we went directly to the animal hospital to fix his teeth because they were really, really bad. So, we fixed that. But we’re not allowed to fly back home, so we have to stay here until sunday. So, we’re waiting for that now.


Werman: When he was in quarantine, were you able to visit him? Is this truly the first time you’ve been able to hang out with him and pet him in four months?


Lindnord: We could visit him, but this was the first time we could take him out of the quarantine.


Werman: Has your family met him? I know you have a young little family.


Lindnord: Yeah, my daughter loves Arthur, as does my wife. We also have another child coming in August. We have to buy a new car now.


Werman: Just one dog will do it. So, you mentioned his teeth issues. He had other health issues too. Is that all sorted? Is he feeling well?


Lindnord: Yeah. The thing was he had four really deep wounds in his back. The vets said he had them for four to six months. If we hadn’t taken him to Sweden, he would have never been able to survive and living right now.


Werman: You didn’t just rescue Arthur though, did you? There’s now the Arthur Foundation. Tell me what that’s about.


Lindnord: The goal of the Arthur Foundation is to help other Arthurs in Ecuador, or in South America. We want to make a huge difference. That’s why we support his new law that gives the dogs a right in society. Right now, you can kick a dog, you can kill a dog. We want to be a part of a change.


Werman: Is Arthur going to be allowed to sleep on the bed?


Lindnord: Yeah, yeah, of course. We actually bought a huge dog bed but if he wants to sleep on the bed, it’s fine with us.


Werman: Good luck with the foundation and we do have photos of Mikael’s reunion with Arthur and of their jungle adventure together at PRI.ORG. Mikael Lindnord, enjoy your life together with Arthur. It sounds like a great future for you guys.


Lindnord: Thank you.