Take a 360-degree peek at Greenland's Nuuks and crannies

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Carol Hills: Okay, so Greenland isn't as far as Mars, but its still pretty remote. No problem, you can now take a virtual trip to see Greenland's spectacular glaciers and fjords via Google Street View. Eva Matzler, is a mapping expert in Greenland, who helped make that happen.


Eva Matzler: Hi Carol.


Hills: Hi. Tell us about one of your favorite locations that you chose to shoot with the Google Street View Cam.


Matzler: Oh, we had alot of very nice spots, but if I had to choose, I would say The Hvalsey Church in South Greenland, its an old viking Church, and it only set water front the peak icebergs you can see in the midnight sun that reflow on a helicopter tour on it, and make some records with the street view imortuary.


Hills: Has anyone might have imagined Greenland is large and vast, and these are just incredible sort of 360 degrees panels. Huge kind of iceflows, glaciers, and these incredible viking ruins that you mentioned. How did you get involved in this in the first place? Are you from Greenland?


Matzler: I am not originally from Greenland, but I live in Greenland about 9 years.


Hills: How did you end up there?


Matzler: Oh, thats a long story. I started in the East Greenland in a small settlement, where I lived for 3 years with [??] in a hunting village, and later on I moved to the Capital of Greenland, Nuuk. There I worked as Remote Sensing Specialist.


Hills: Its very remote. Its the remoteness something that attracted you as well?


Matzler: Yes, you have alot of space around you. I like to go sailing and hunting ofcourse, you have to be that kind of person who likes that kind of lifestyle.


Hills: Now, you mentioned the famous icefjord. I am curious how close you were able to get it? I mean are you using a zoom lense or are you getting right up close when you take these photos?


Matzler: No, we didnt use any zoom lense. We went right on the top of glacier with the helicopter, [???] sound glacier, and by both sailing we sailed around huge icebergs during the midnight sun with some very team captains from local people's from the area.


Hills: What do you hope people take away from these photos? Many of them will be seeing Greenland first time?


Matzler: Yeah, what we hope is that people in the world will see how Greenland looks like today. How people live today and how beautiful the nature is, and how variable. You can see for example, the capital of Nuuk, is like many other cities in the world, but on the other side we have street view in small settlements. There are, people are living from hunting, or fishing, or some sheep farms which are very different places compared to other places in the world.


Hills: Do you hope more people visit Greenland?


Matzler: Definitely, we hope we can show the people the beauty of Greenland, and make people curious to come here and see it by themselves.


Hills: Eva Matzler, in Nuuk, Greenland, telling us about the new Google Street Views of Greenland. Thanks so much Eva.


Matzler: You're welcome. Thank you as well.


Hills: Go ahead, take a stroll on a remote glacier in Greenland at pri.org, and from the Nan and Bill Harris Studios at WGBH, I am Carol Hills. Thanks for listening to The World.