Why musician Rubén Blades made the switch from salsa to tango

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Marco Werman: Brazil's music has been globally influential and our final guest today has said he's been one of the beneficiaries of Brazilian music. But Panamanian musician Rubén Blades - you may call him Reuben Blades - he's best known for his salsa compositions, like this 1988 jam, "Juana Mayo." Blades has made a career out of tunes like that but all along it seems he was fantasizing about something else. Rubén Blades: I've always wondered how the songs that I wrote that were recorded in salsa, how would they turn out if I recorded them as tangos? Werman: Not exactly the closest of genres, salsa and tango. I mean, where do you even start? Blades: If you're doing something like "Juana Mayo," ... If you do it in tango... Werman: Take that to the recording studio and you get this: