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Kumi: "In Japan it's popular."

Both singer Kumi and guitarist Naoki reveal, through a translator, the other reason the letter is important to Love Psychedelico.

Kumi: "The O is attached coming from orchestra. At first it was Love Psychedelic Orchestra."

Naoki: "Some people think it's a Spanish word because it ends with O."

Love Psychedelico formed 11 years ago.

Kumi and Naoki met at a college in Tokyo.

They discovered that they share not only the same blood type.

But a love of 60s and 70s rock.

It's got energy and passion they say you just can't find in the Japanese pop of today.

In fact Naoki wishes his band was around back then.

Naoki: "Give me a time machine."

Kumi: "But, I'm happy to live now."

And so, Love Psychedelico expects to continue straddling both the past and present in its music.

The band's debut US release is called "This is Love Psychedelico."