Even Germans are stunned by their historic win over Brazil

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Marco Werman: So broken hearts in Brazil. But what about in Germany? We reached Sebastian Christ in Berlin where he watched the match. Sebastian Christ: I was meeting with some friends and we were thinking about going outside and watching it in the fan area with a big screen where the transmission was shown to many, many people on the streets. But we decided to watch the match in the living room of a friend because we really didn't know how this whole thing would end. So we decided to go to his living room there and we were sitting there and after ten minutes I think or something like that, and the first goal was scored by Müller and that was the time when I was kind of happy. And then the second goal was scored by Klose and I was even happier. And after the third goal I couldn't believe what I'd seen. Werman: And what did you start to think once you get to number four and five? I mean we've never really seen this kind of thing before in a semi-final have we? Christ: Yes, of course. And I stopped thinking honestly because it was unbelievable. We couldn't believe what we were seeing there. We at least expected let's say 2-1 or something like that. It's pretty normal and I think for a half-final it's OK. But 7-1 against Brazil, it's a result like the World Cup 1954. Werman: Well, Brazil was clearly not playing up to par yesterday. Did that make the win, the victory, for Germany a little like kind of stealing candy from a baby? Christ: Yeah, it was really nasty to see all the fans there from Brazil when we were watching in the TV and they were crying and yeah, it was really nasty. I felt a bit guilty to be honest. Werman: We all know Germany has a fantastic soccer team. That's a pretty standard thing for Germany. What does this victory mean though for the whole country? Christ: Yeah, we are still searching for words to explain that. The biggest tabloid here in Germany, they had [??] page one today, and they were just printing this huge photo of Müller, of the striker of the German team, and they were printing only two words - and these words were "Without Words". So they had no headline. They really had no headline for the home match because they had not really words that were fitting for this whole thing that happened yesterday. I think many people here in Germany today are thinking about how this could happen yesterday and they still can't believe it, but I think now most of the German people here, they believe that the German team will win the title of course. That is the mood here. Werman: Yeah. For the next game, for the final, do you enter cautiously or do you keep up the confidence? Christ: Yes, of course, I'm really confident that we will win the Cup this year and, at the moment, I think Germany proved with the half-final that they have the strongest team in the tournament, in the whole competition. Werman: Sebastian Christ in Berlin. Very happy for you and your winning Germans. Thank you for your time. Christ: Thank you so much.